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Syllabus Content

Syllabus Content


  • How to sit at the piano
  • How to correctly place the hands on keyboard
  • The notes
  • Fingering
  • Simple chords
  • Simple scale


Syllabus Content


  • Musical Repertoire: Mozart, Bach, Chopin and others – original and facilitated
  • Songs that work as exercises
  • Note values
  • Dotted note values
  • Notes and Clef
  • Rests
Syllabus Content
  • Simple ways to memorize the music sheet
  • Simple time signatures
  • Compound time signatures
  • Sharp, flat, tone and semitone
  • Circle of fourths and fifths
  • Keys

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long will the course be available after registration?

The course will be available to you permanently. You can follow it at your own pace.

Do I need to have any production knowledge to follow the course?

No. The course starts from the most basic concepts.

Do I need to understand music to take the course?

No. Knowledge in music is always welcome and helps a lot, but it is not essential.

What if I find the course too difficult?

Don’t worry. you have 7 days to ask for a full refund.

Do I need to play any instruments to follow the course?


What do I need to have to start the course?

A computer with internet access.

Is the course focused on any specific style?

The course is focused on classical music.