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Sound Synthesis for EDM

Get ready to undercover so far sound synthesis hidden secrets from the most famous electronic music producer like Tiesto, Alok and Skrillex, on an exciting and comprehensive series of tutorials for Serum, Massive, Spire, Avenger and other software synthesisers.

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Lord Vinheteiro will teach you the most complex secrets and content in the simplest way possible!

Fabricio Di Paolo, the Lord Vinheteiro" Sitting at his piano

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The environment where classes are taught is 100% virtual and easy to use.



I loved the Course. Amazing!! I have always suffered from the process of starting to produce and reaching a point where I become paralyzed without knowing what to do. Following the course technique I finally managed to finish my tracks.


Very good. Practical and direct. The Course is not dull and full of useless information like most courses I have done before. Congratulations!



It’s great to see someone who actually produces doing it step by step in front of you. Every course I took, I went to see the teacher was not a producer. I was teaching something that I don’t do.

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